Getting Used To Your New Breasts

A lot of thought should go into the decision to have breast implants as there are a lot of considerations and choices to make, including your aims for the surgery, the ideal size and shape of the implants and which plastic surgeon to select to perform the procedure.  But what happens after surgery?  What can you expect post-surgery and how should you take care for your new breasts?

It should be noted, first of all, that you do not need to completely change your lifestyle when you have breast implants.  Your implants should withstand normal, even strenuous, activity.  You are likely to discover, however, that your new, larger breasts may need more attention and maintenance.

You should expect the following after your surgery:

•    You will have to make routine, follow up visits to your plastic surgeon to ensure that everything is as it should be and that you are totally satisfied with the results.  You should attend all post-surgery appointments to ensure you receive the best care.  You should not be charged for follow-up visits.
•    Make sure your augmented breasts get the extra support they may need.  Do not let gravity allow your new breasts to sag due to incorrect support.  If you run or work out, make sure you are wearing a suitable sports bra to provide optimum support to your larger breasts to prevent too much bouncing.  Remember, bouncing means sagging over time.
•    You must make sure to continue to examine your breasts for any unusual lumps, as early detection of any changes in the breast tissue is vital to successful treatment. You should examine your breasts every month, about two weeks after the beginning of your period.  Your implants are positioned behind your breast tissue so you should be able to examine your breasts in the normal way. If you are not sure how to do this, your doctor or gynaecologist will be happy to instruct you.

Your new breasts should make you feel happier with your appearance, increase your self-esteem and even improve your quality of life.  A little more maintenance is perhaps a small price to pay for feeling better about yourself and knowing you look good.