Choosing The Right Size Implants

Size is usually the main reason why women have breast implants but choosing which size is often a difficult decision. Women may tend to obsess over getting the perfect size. Some women worry about going too big while others worry about not going big enough.  There are some simple ideas to help you make the right choice for your body and your goals for your surgery.

How to Choose the Right Breast Implant Size

•    Have realistic expectations of what is possible. Everyone’s anatomy is different and what is right for one woman is not right for another.
•    Take photographs of women who look as you would like to after your surgery.  This will give the surgeon a good idea of what size implants you will need.
•    Do not focus on a particular cup size because this may not take into account the other variables of your particular body shape.
•    Allow yourself to advised by the plastic surgeon but make sure you are in complete agreement and are absolutely on the “same page” with regard to your surgery goals.
•    You will need to decide how you want your implants to look. A more natural shape has a slope and is designed to look as though this is the way nature made you.
•    Whereas more round shaped implants look less natural but this is sometimes the desired look. A lot of women will choose one or other look or something in between, we are all different.
•    Remember that the larger the implants, the longer the likely recovery time and the degree of impact on the body after surgery.  It is important to be prepared for the life changes.
•    Try before you buy: ask your plastic surgeon about wearing an especially designed bra-like device which will mimic, as far as possible, the look and feel of breast implants.  This is wise as it is difficult to know exactly what to expect after surgery and this may give you an idea.
•    Remember that implants may be wider than your natural breasts so you may find you need a larger cup size than you think.

Remember that a reputable plastic surgeon will not encourage you to make an unwise choice.  They should not put your body under any undue strain and perform a surgery which makes it likely you will experience problems or even require further surgery. They should attempt, with you, to come to the best solution for you, one which meets your aims, and improves your appearance, confidence and self-esteem.

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