Nipple Augmentation Options

When considering breast augmentation and breast implants, we often forget to consider the nipple. At the center of the breast, the nipple is as vulnerable as the breast itself when it comes to distortion and stretching due to stresses put on the body. Conversely, breast augmentation procedures also affect the nipples and sometimes it is necessary for the nipples to be treated with cosmetic surgery in order to achieve the desired results.

Nipple Enlargement

For some women who choose breast enlargement, be it a breast augmentation or breast implants, they desire that their nipples also be enlarged in order to remain proportionate to the breasts. Nipple enlargement procedures usually use tissue grafting by taking fat tissue from another area of the body then using it to re-sculpt the nipples. This is an in-office treatment that can reverse inverse nipples, increase or decrease projection and make the nipple more erect in order to increase the appearance of perkiness. Nipple enlargement procedures usually cost around $1500, and though the recovery is not as strenuous as other cosmetic surgeries, one can expect to wear a support bra for several weeks after the nipple enlargement.

Nipple Reduction

Nipple reduction is a far more common procedure than nipple enlargement. Many women opt for this treatment when undergoing breast augmentation because the conditions that have distorted their breasts over the years have also had an effect on their nipples as well. During a nipple reduction, excess skin of the areola is removed to re-contour the shape of the nipples to make them proportionate to the breasts’ size and shape. Perkiness and symmetry is easily restored during this procedure. The cost will usually be between $1000 and $1500, however, when carried out as a complementary procedure, sometimes the cost is reduced. When done alone, the surgery takes less than an hour and requires very little recovery.

When deciding whether breast augmentation or breast implants are right for you, it is important to consider the affect of the procedure on your nipples. Make an informed decision about cosmetic surgery is the key to achieving your desired results.

What is a Breast Lift?

For many women, breast implants are not the solution to achieving their desired look. Instead of adding size to the woman’s breasts, some only need to augment what is already there. This procedure is known as a breast lift or mastopexy.

During a mastopexy procedure excessive skin is removed from the breast area which tightens the surface and contour of the breasts giving it a natural lift.

The procedure begins with the patient being administered anesthesia. This is either a general anesthesia or an intravenous sedative. Once the patient is under, the surgeon then makes an incision on the breasts. These incisions vary depending on the patient’s desired results. For the most part, these incisions are around the areola and vertical towards the breast crease. Once the incisions have been made, excess skin is removed to restore the skins elasticity, breast tissue is managed to return fullness and, if needed, the nipple is reshaped.

After reshaping the breast, the surgeon then closes the incisions which tighten the skin. The incision lines will remain visible, however, most surgeons try to place them in areas where they are easily concealed. Also, they fade significantly. The results of the breast lift procedure are visible immediately and there is some post-surgery swelling which recedes over time.

After the surgery, you will need to wear bandages and a support bra in order to manage swelling and healing.

The results of a breast lift can be long lasting, however, that mostly depends on the patient’s lifestyle and eating choices. Just like maintaining a health body, maintaining the results of your breast lift requires that you keep a healthy weight and make good lifestyle choices.

Breast Implants and the Desired Look: Natural or Fake?

Size does matter, however, breast implants are more than a bigger is better decision. Choosing the right size for your body is essential to achieving the desired results from your breast implants. What follows is a discussion of one of the most critical questions a woman should ask herself when deciding on the size and shape of her breast implants:
Do I want my breasts to look natural or fake?
First and foremost, I’d like to address the misleadingly negative sound of the word ‘fake‘. I’d like you to think of ‘fake‘ and ‘natural‘ in terms of make-up. A natural make-up look would refer to those subtle pastels and shadows a woman applies when understating her features during a day at the office or a lunch out with the girls. ‘Fake’ would be similar to the effect of stylishly applied smoky eyes for a fun night out or a special dinner celebration for two. Both styles have their purpose, and both styles are attractive depending on who is rocking them.
The ‘natural‘ looking breast implant has a slope to it. Usually, a teardrop-shaped implant is used for this effect. The ‘natural‘ look is proportionate to your body size and type. Though your breasts look bigger, they also look like a size that your body would naturally have grown itself.
The ‘fake‘ look lends itself easily to lift, cleavage and size enhancement. This look is rounder and achieved through round-shaped implants that resemble a pushed-down sphere. Round-shaped implants give breasts a perkier look that holds its own in bathing suit tops and lingerie.
Selecting a natural or fake look is a personal choice that depends on your body’s shape and your personal style. Both looks are achieved by the combination of implant shape and implant size. Be sure to communicate to your surgeon clearly about what look you think suits you best by showing him or her pictures that closely resemble your desired look.

Before and after pictures of tear-drop shaped breast implant


Before and after of round-shaped implants.